Do You Need That Upgrade? 6 Computer Upgrades People Turn Down Without Consideration

Sometimes, saving money (and trouble) down the road means forking out a comparatively small amount of money now. Are you putting off upgrades that could cost you time, money and problems later? Here are the top six computer upgrades to consider before the delay starts hitting your pocketbook and your nerves.

Protection With Antivirus Software


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In a recent audit, 48 percent of 22 million scanned computers had viruses. Sadly, many people buy a great new computer and never upgrade or update their antivirus software. There are almost 18 million different viruses circulating the Internet today, and new ones are introduced constantly. If you don’t have the latest malware protection, it’s not a question of whether or not your computer will become infected – it’s only a matter of when.¬†That is why it important to have Cyber Protection¬†once you buy a new computer or switch providers. You never know who could attack you.

Security With Backup Drives


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There are two types of computer users: those who’ve failed to back up and lost their data and the ones that will lose data when systems aren’t backed up. Computers fail. It’s a fact of life. Invest in a backup drive to protect yourself from catastrophic failure. These drives are available for under $100, and can save users thousands of dollars in lost work, personal information, business information and much more.

Speed With RAM Upgrades


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If your computer is running slowly or crashes from time to time, this is likely a RAM issue. Yes, viruses can cause these problems, too, but if you’ve got an updated version of the latest antivirus software, you shouldn’t have a virus. RAM is one of the cheapest upgrades you can get, and is also one of the easiest for users to install themselves.

Gaming With Video Cards


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If you’re into any highly graphic function, such as gaming, video cards are the number one way to make your experience better. Every new game introduced into the market has better graphics, and more advanced audio. Many gamers blame a slow processor or lack of memory when the real problem is an oudated video card. This is a great way to immediately boost your user experience.

Boost Performance With Processors


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If your work is dependant on lots of video and audio, such as editing, a fast processor is critical. Processors are harder to replace than RAM and video cards, and most average computer users are best advised to have a professional handle these upgrades. However, if you’ve got an old, sluggish processor, the difference when you upgrade is going to be dramatic and pleasing.

Operating System


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We users like our operating systems. So much so that many of us continue to use the old one until the company no longer supports it. One reason we’re so reluctant to embrace a new operating system is it requires us to relearn everything we do on our computers. However, the new operating systems are highly intuitive and most users instantly embrace their similarity to our smartphones.

It’s important to note that upgrades aren’t fix-alls. Every chain is only as strong as its weakest link, and if everything is speedy except for one bottleneck, the entire system will only run as quickly as the bottleneck allows. There comes a time in every computer user’s life when an upgrade to a newer desktop or convertible laptop is the only solution.