Top 5 Windows 8 Features

Microsoft has again showed that it is the king  of operating systems and no rival can take it out easily, by launching Windows 8, all new Operating system with amazing features that will lure technology geeks. Many analysts are testing the application from various dimensions and are revealing that this new operating system has all the features required to beat any rival. When the news spread that Apple is launching a new operating system, everybody thought that it will beat Microsoft in this field, but with high experience in developing operating system, Microsoft again showed its superiority. The best part of Windows 8 operating system is that it is very much compatible with mobile. Few more notable features are mentioned below.

Time required to Boot

The initial test for any operating system is its speed to boot and load the home page. Windows 8 has excelled in this test as it is very fast in booting and loading. Microsoft has used hibernating technique to boost the speed of loading. This concept of this technique is very simple and works on the allocation of the resource in the PC for the operating system. Windows 7 was having very good booting speed and according to the sources, Windows 8 is faster than the earlier version.

Desktop Ambience

One will be mesmerized to see the all new desktop of Windows 8. Microsoft has made it as much dynamic as possible. You can witness many innovative gadgets and ideas on the desktop. User now can easily browse through the installed apps or files. The files on the desktop can be arranged as per user’s choice and can be very easily customized. Working on this Operating System is just like functioning on a touch screen. The themes are really good and the integration of many gadgets has made it pleasure to use.

Ease to Search

This is the best part in Windows 8, the search option. There is no start menu in this new operating system but instead of that desktop will have a search tab that has made searching of files and apps very much easier and faster. The experience of this new feature was really overwhelming and this feature can be used in app store to search for your items with ease. Searching was a slight concern till Windows 7 and this new version has cut off that hurdle also.

Windows to Go

This feature will be the most loved feature for the computer user. Many times people face this problem where the PC crashes in between and all the saved documents gets tampered or erased. This problem is now sorted out through Windows 8. It has a feature called Windows to go where user can copy the entire windows in USB drive and if you system is crashed, you can just plug in the USB drive and work like you are working on your system.

Live Streaming

This feature will assure that if you have internet connection and windows live ID, then even if you are working on any other system at any corner of the world you will get your customized setting you did on your computer back home. This feature is actually called as live syncing with Windows 8 and this option will be loved by all the PC lovers, if it is secure from Hackers.

Author Bio: This post is contributed by Raj, a professional writer, blogger who blogs about latest technology news and gadgets on his blogs Techiedrive and Techiefusion