5 Ways To Save Money On Electronics

You don’t have to be a genius to know that purchasing the top and newest gadgets on the market can get expensive quickly.  With the internet spinning out of control with hundreds of individuals starting their own online stores, it can be a chore finding the right place to shop at, let alone try to save money.

Below will show you some specific stores and ideas you can use to save money.

These Stores Can Save You Money

Sites like Tiger Direct, New Egg, Refurbished Kindle, Geeks, DH Gate, and many others, generally offer very affordable prices on some of the top electronics.  Most of the time one of them will have something cheaper than the other, so always make sure you check all of the websites.  If you give them a call and tell them that their competitor has it for a cheaper price, you can get them to match it and sometimes beat the price.  Look for coupons on the web for these websites, almost all of them will have monthly coupons you can use to save money on your purchase.  Newegg has a new customer coupon you can use, if you have never shopped there before.  The coupon can save you $10 off of your first order $50 or more.

Look In The Refurbished Or Discount Area

Most stores talked about above have some type of clearance, discount, or refurbished area they sell products in.  Take advantage of these areas, because they almost always have a 30 day warranty that comes with them.  You can also purchase an extended warranty for the item if you are worried about purchasing something that isn’t new.

Post on EBay Classified Area For A Product And Price Your Willing To Pay

Ebay Classified is an area where you can post exactly what you’re looking for.  Most underestimate the wanted section, but you shouldn’t, it’s a great place to place to ask if someone has what you want.  Many users of EBay look on this to find out if someone needs something they have.  This means that, because there isn’t any EBay fees involved, they may sell the item cheaper to you, because they don’t have EBay fees to pay.

Check Amazon

Many people tend to think that Amazon is a bit overpriced and they can generally find the item cheaper on EBay, well this isn’t true.  A lot of sellers have been fed up with the fees at EBay, so they started to use Amazon instead which offers much cheaper fees.  This means that they can offer a lower price on Amazon due to cheaper fees.  When you search for products on Amazon, you can find both new and used items, so make sure you look closely.  You could find lightly used electronics that come with warranties through amazon as well.  It’s also recommended that you purchase their premium account to save on shipping, most orders end up having free shipping.  The price of the premium account saves you if you buy just a few products per year from Amazon.

Look For Open Box or Less-Than-Perfect-Packaged Items At Your Local Stores

When a local store gets a return, or a box gets damaged during shipping, a store like Lowes will have it marked down to a much lower price.  This doesn’t mean that the product is damaged or a defect, it just means they can’t sell it at a retail price generally due to the package condition.  When someone returns an item to the store, the box is almost always open and the stores don’t have extra boxes laying around for that exact item, so they can’t sell an item with no box, or a damaged box at full price.

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My name is Matthew Boley and I am an owner of many large businesses.  I purchase a lot of electronics for my businesses and I know how expensive it can be.  So I wrote this article, because I have experience at looking around for the best deals on the web.  I enjoy saving others money and hope that this article can save anyone who reads it money.