Five Basic Ways to Keep Your Computer Running Fast

Learning to keep your computer running fast and at its optimal performance is something that most computer users are now interested in. No one has the patience to deal with a slow computer and below I have listed five simple ways to keep your computer running as fast as possible.

The tips listed below are kind of weird as people just take them for granted. We have all heard of many different ways to speed up a computer, like deleting temporary files, Defragging your hard drive, and more.

#1. Store less files

Just because you have a computer does not mean you have to store every digital file you have on that hard drive. You must have heard of other options when it comes to computer storage devices. It totally puzzles me when I see people’s computers fall of unnecessary files. They store full movies and music that they would never even listen to.

My suggestion is to actually store absolutely nothing on your computer hard drive. This will keep your computer running fast as there will be no files clogging it up all the time. (Except the hidden ones of course)

#2. Organize files

Organizing your files may not appear to make your computer faster but it can make you work faster on your computer. You will no longer need to search for files or missing photos as you will know where everything is. This organization equals efficiency. Of course we all need to organize our file fragments by defragging the computer but this time I’m talking about how you save files.

In the tip above I suggest that you do not store files on your computer at all, but if you have to do this, then I suggest you do it properly.

#3. Don’t open too many programs

I am guilty of this one! My daughter comes to use my computer and sees how many programs and files I have opened and screams. Then she complains about how slow my computer is.

I definitely know how to speed up my computer in this situation. All I have to do is not run too many programs once. Back in the days of Windows XP and the small computers, we can only really run one big major program at once. Nowadays we get greedy and open everything.

#4. Do not install too many programs

Many people install programs that they did not need. That’s okay if you clean up and delete these programs and all of the fragmented files. However if you forget about these programs and just keep installing, you will end up with a computer full of unused programs. I bet if you went and checked out your program files folder right now, you would see at least three programs that you do not use any longer.

Do me a favor and go and delete those programs by removing them the right way, from your Control Panel.

A quick way to uninstall a program is to go to the start menu, go to all programs, then choose the folder for the program. See below in the screenshot, I have opened two different program folders and they both have an uninstall option there.

#5. Always wear protection

Not having your computer protected is a sure way to get infected and slow your computer down. Anyone that has been invaded and had a breach of computer security will know what happens to your computer. It becomes sluggish and starts to do weird things that cannot be explained. The best protection against a slow PC is to protect your computer with software designed for that exact purpose.