Top 5 Unique Laptop Security Access Methods

If you’ve ever taken your notebook with you while traveling, you’d definitely understand the importance of keeping it secure. Owing to the fact that you can’t keep an eye on your laptop for the entire travel time, having some strict security access methods for your laptop should be your first priority. There have been several security access innovations in the recent past, out of which the top 5 unique laptop security methods are listed below.

Palm Vein Authentication

Palm Vein authentication is one of the newest additions to the list of effective security access methods. On 28th November 2013, Fujitsu released its Fujitsu Celsius H730 with palm vein authentication sensor that provides robust security for end users. Fujitsu Celsius H730 with palm vein authentication is the first contact-less palm vein authentication device that eradicates the previous issues pertaining to security and it is easy to use.


The firm claims to have developed the first technology in the world that’s capable of deriving and matching 2048-bit feature codes via biometric palm vein graphics. This method makes use of feature codes derived from vein images that depict the nature of images in binary format. This assists in faster authentication and comparison calculations. The Fujitsu Celsius H730 with palm vein authentication is priced at INR 1,33,533.

Windows 8’s Picture Password

Microsoft has made its Windows 8 laptops very secure as well, by allowing the users to set a picture as their password. Microsoft decided to make authentication user-friendlier for touchscreen device, negating the need for remembering intricate PINs and traditional passwords.

Zach Pace, who serves as a Program Manager at Microsoft’s You Centered Experience team, provided insights into utilizing a photo as a password to make things secure and easy to remember.


He explains that you include your personal photos to make sure it’s distinctive, providing better security than a generic image. The selected image would be visible on your device’s lock screen. He goes on to explain that the main aspect of security lies in drawing on certain parts of the image with your finger or even a mouse. These gestures help Windows to provide you access to your laptop. This doesn’t necessarily mean that Microsoft has eliminated text passwords from their Windows 8 laptops. However, text passwords serve as an alternative, where if a user enters an incorrect picture password five times, the laptop would lock up and require you to type your text password to log in. The picture password feature is not applicable on network or remote log-ins.

Face Recognition Technology

Although face recognition has been around for a while, it is still one of the most robust security access methods around. Face recognition works by extracting certain features from a photo of your face. Facial recognition maps the size and shape of the jaw, nose, cheekbones, and the distance between your eyes. These measurements are then matched with the image you have stored in the database.


In certain cases, 3D facial recognition is also incorporated, which offers greater accuracy. It works by utilizing 3D sensors to get a 3D map of facial contours. In some cases, facial recognition software may also extract skin details such as patterns, lines, and spots.

Fingerprint Security

Fingerprint security methods can’t be cracked easily in comparison with passwords. It is often the most preferred choice by the common person to protect their laptop from intruders. You can use your fingerprint scanner by first logging into your account, after which you will need to start the fingerprint scanner’s control panel. Those who haven’t ever used fingerprint scanners simply need to start the control panel, which will guide you through the installation process. You can opt for your laptop to save a single finger or all 10. You can then move to the Settings, where you can enable “Logging In By Fingerprint.”

SecuriKey Pro

SecuriKey Pro is an absolutely stunning software application that can be used to protect your laptop’s important data. The SecuriKey system is based on an encryption-based USB key that comes with a custom crypto chip. This USB works like an ignition key for your laptop. Plug this USB device into your laptop and enter the password you’ve set. You can use your laptop as you normally would, but when you remove the USB, access to the laptop is denied. This piece of software works on Windows as well as on the Mac OS. This software offers industry-level AES data encryption for your laptop’s data. You can even choose the files and folders you’d like to encrypt.

There are several security methods around, which are easy to implement and offer robust protection to their users. After taking a look at the top 5 unique security access methods, it is advisable that you try to implement them in your laptop to prevent any unauthorized access.