5 Reasons Your Business Needs To Invest In Disaster Recovery Hosting

If your business does not already have a disaster recovery plan set in place then it might be time to consider the possibilities of what could happen and prepare.  There are plenty of stories out there of mistakes that led to a business IT disaster from which a company never fully recovered.

Companies often avoid disaster recovery because of the cost and the fact that it is not an immediate issue that needs to be addressed.  However, there are important reasons to invest in this type of protection from data loss.

Nothing Is Foolproof

The first reason is that machines and hardware are not foolproof and can often fail when you least expect it.  Any kind of hardware failure could interrupt your service and cause data loss. There is no knowing when or how this could occur and it could leave you with a mess to clean up. If you make an investment in disaster recovery hosting you will have a backup plan in case there are any problems with your machines.

Human Error

Aside from the possibility of machine failure there is also the reality of simple human error.  Even the most reliable employee can make a mistake or miss a step in a process they are knowledgeable about.  These kinds of innocent mistakes can lead to business disaster and it helps to have backups that will ensure the company’s safety.  You may have faith in the ability of your staff to avoid mistakes but it is better to be cautious and prepared in case of anything going wrong.

Customer Expectations

Another reason to have a recovery plan is that customers have become less tolerant of businesses having outages and not providing service at all times.  Any IT issues or outages could lead to frustrated customers seeking assistance from your competitors instead because they view these kinds of mistakes and failures as unacceptable.

This particular problem is related to the next reason that you should invest in disaster recovery.  Mainly that it is difficult and costly to re-acquire old customers if you have lost them due to an IT disaster.  When you have seen a lot of customers leave due to a disaster you are likely to find it hard to recover the amount that you had originally.

After a disaster you will have to start back from square one and build up customer confidence again which is not easy to do.


The last and most important reason to work on a disaster recovery plan is that without one your business will have a weak point and a vulnerability that you do not want.  Your company is not immune to the possibilities of disaster and failing to prepare for them means you are not as strong as you can be as a business.

It can be easy and affordable to set up disaster recovery hosting for your business and it will provide a sense of security that is important to have.  Your customers expect quick recovery and you will need to meet their demands by always being ready to cope with IT disasters when they occur.

Leo Hart is a disaster recovery expert from his time spnt as Product Manager for Custom Cloud, providers of data backup, virtual server hosting, server security and bare metal servers, learn more at the Custom Cloud website.