5 Reasons You Should Avoid Windows 8

With the release of Windows 8, many PC and laptop users may be getting excited. While the operating system may be a great thing, you don’t want to upgrade or purchase a PC or laptop with this operating system just yet, and let me explain why:

#1 A whole different setup

For those that are used to the regular Windows desktop setup, you should know that Microsoft is trying to make the jump to having a mobile-friendly interface, similar to what you see on your smartphones. Yes, while you can switch Windows 8 to a desktop mode, many experts that have gotten their hands on this operating system early haven’t been too pleased with it. For instance, with the start button, you will have something called, “simplified start,” which is a very basic start menu setup.

#2 Two operating systems

For those that are more advanced with their computers, you probably already know how complicating it can be when two operating systems collide. For instance, with Windows 8, it will include an Internet Explorer for both setups. There will be one for the mobile friendly setup and one for the traditional desktop. With so many flaws that can come out with the first version, it’s so important that you wait it out to see how these two operating systems coincide with each other.

#3 Potential errors

Now, I’m not saying that you should skip out on Windows 8 altogether. As you probably already know from previous releases, no operating systems are ever perfect. If you have the patience, try to stick with your current operating system for at least six months so that Microsoft can work out all the kinks in their system. With millions of users using their operating system, this will be a great way for Microsoft to find out what’s wrong and what they can do to fix it.

#4 Software issues

Like the errors, some programs may not run on Windows 8 like you want them to. Again, if you have the patience, wait it out! Like Microsoft, many of your software developers will find patches to help your software run efficiently on your platform. Why take the gamble on day one with the software comes out? Instead, let other people take the hit with errors and problems.

#5 If it ain’t broke…

Ah, as the old saying goes, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!” If you’re happy with your operating system today, I would probably recommend that you don’t change it! There are people out there right now that are completely happy with setups such as Windows XP. The only significant difference that you’re going to see is a mobile-friendly interface, a faster engine and a few additional features that you may not even use. As time goes on, more and more experts will be able to give you an opinion on the OS. In the meantime, wait it out, save some money and enjoy the operating system you have today!

This was a post written by Hannah Munson. Check out her project, howmuchisit.org.