5 Reasons Why Your Life Will Be Miserable Without an Antivirus

Although antivirus programs are affordable today, there are still certain computer users who still do not have one installed.  If you are one of those who still do not have an antivirus installed in your computer, this is why your life will be miserable.

  1. You can’t tell whether you have a virus infection or not. Since you do not have anything to warn you about an infection, you won’t be able to tell whether your computer is infected or not. As a result, you will always think that your computer is in perfect condition where it is free from viruses. Even if you are infected, you won’t be able to tell until one day when your computer completely crashes.
  2. You will waste your time diagnosing things that has nothing to do with it. Without an antivirus, you will start to suspect your computer has a virus infection when it has poor performance. This is not always true because a poor performance computer can come from many aspects. As a result, you will spend your time diagnosing problems that has nothing to do with the root cause that you suspected.
  3. You are spied on without realizing it. Spyware does not slow down your computer if it is infected. You will not be able to tell whether a spyware infects your computer or not without an antivirus. By the time you realize that you are being spied, you might already had your bank account emptied or get your online account hacked by sending ridiculous messages through your social network or email because the person who spy on your knows all your login credentials.
  4. You will be blamed by your friends for spreading viruses. Virus spreads easily especially on a USB flash drive. Any of your friends that had their USB flash plugged into your computer will begin the spread if your computer is infected. As a result, if more of your friends have the same habit of not installing antivirus, the virus will spread faster and wider. For those who got their antivirus installed, they will  not have a good time as well because whenever the USB flash drive is plugged into the computer, the antivirus will keep prompting that viruses are detected and it is a very unpleasant feeling.
  5. You bring your own computer to the end of the world. Virus is good at spreading into more viruses and destroying your system files. If you are really infected with an extremely dangerous virus and do not have an antivirus to help you disinfect, you might begin to experience the famous BSOD (Blue Screen of Death). Bad news is that is not the end. It is just the beginning because you will be getting more BSOD until your computer is completely down. As a result, you will suffer data loss at that time and get yourself ready by looking at the clock to certify the end of your computer.
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