5 Must Know Tricks Using Photoshop

Photoshop has numerous options available within its toolbox to help users improve functionality and appearance of images. If users know the latest tricks, they can improve the functionality of Photoshop. With improvement, professionalism and visual appeal improves.

1. Learn to Accurately Use the Brush Tool

The Adobe Photoshop Brush tool has significant flexibility. Settings can be changed based upon how you would like for the stroke to appear. Users can select from pre-loaded shapes or their own shapes can be used. The Brush Tip Shape is one of the more popular tools. This tool has the spacing setting that can be varied from 20 percent to 150 percent.

The sizes and angles of the brush dots can be varied by using the Shape Dyanmics checkbox. The location of the brush dots can be randomized when using the Scattering function. The mouse can be used to randomly add dots around the straight stroke. Dual Brush is also another interesting feature that can be helpful for avid photoshop users. You can also create your own brush, which is another great feature of Photoshop’s Brush tool.

2. Blending Techniques

Blending techniques reduce streaking and also banding. This helps gradients appear smooth and colors appear true. There are numerous blending tools in the Layers menu on the tool bar. If the Blending option is selected, the image will appear more realistic and smooth without altering the colors. Blending techniques can improve images significantly.

3. Be Aware of the Hidden Options Behind the Arrows

There are arrows on nearly every tool bar in Photoshop. An awareness of the hidden options behind the arrows will expand functionality. Behind the arrows, users will find options for graying and sepia coloring. Quadrant colors and other features are present behind the arrow on Photoshop tool bars. Consider the hidden options to improve images.

4. Quick Switch Visibility and Linking

Switching visibility or linking to 30 or more items in Photoshop can be tedious and time-consuming. To switch them at one, the layers palette contains options to convert the images to full size. The arrow in the upper right corner of the screen contains a small icon that allows users to fit more layers on the palette at one time. Thirty layers can be applied and viewed at one time on a twenty-inch monitor.

5. Speed Up File Browser

The File Browser speed can be increased by selecting Background Procession in Photoshop’s Preferences folder under File Browser. This function will use extra processing power to generate cache from for previews and metadata.

Use the Five Tricks to Improve Your Photoshop Experience

Your Photoshop experience can be improved significantly with these five tricks and tips. Consider how your experience can be improved with just a few simple tips. These tricks can improve your Photoshop experience if used appropriately.

Mark is a technological whiz that specialises in Photoshop techniques to adjust and modify images. Based in Sydney, Australia, Mark utilises promotional printing to illustrate his professional standards of art. With a high level of interest in the digital industry, he will soon be featuring in many professional business initiatives to help develop and sustain successful practices.