5 Methods for Creating Data Backups

It is true that there are few things more disconcerting or disruptive than losing all of your precious information in a computer crash. Fortunately for you, backing up data is a super easy process – even for a novice – and there are a variety of ways to accomplish this task that you may choose from. Want to know your options? Here are five methods for creating data backups:

External hard drive. An external hard drive is exactly what it sounds like: a hard drive that is not in your computer. You can purchase external hard drives from any electronics store, or even chain retailers like Walmart, and then simply plug them into your computer’s USB port to transfer the data on your computer over to the new hard drive. That way, if anything goes wrong with your computer, you have a replica hard drive on hand, which you can plug into any other computer to access your data.

Disk (CD-ROM). Just as you can burn a disk – or CD-ROM – with your favorite songs, you can also burn all of your computer files, programs, and other data to disk. The process is extremely simple, too: just pop a blank disk into your computer’s disk drive, and then transfer the data you want to save to the disk using your control panel interface.

USB flash drive. Flash drives are extremely popular for saving data because they are so small, portable, and easy to store. There are even flash drives that can be carried on your keychain, for easy access. To backup your data to your flash drive, all you have to do is plug the stick into your computer’s USB port, and then transfer data to the drive from your control panel.

Cloud storage. This option is quickly gaining in popularity because it does not require that you purchase or store any external equipment. Cloud storage is data storage that exists in the Internet. You simply choose a cloud storage service or provider (and you can find many with a quick online search), and then upload the data you want to backup to your storage locker in the cloud. When you want to access the data you have stored, you download it back to your computer.

Tape drives. This equipment can be costly compared to other methods, but is generally recommended as one of the most reliable backup methods for businesses, especially. Tape drives back up your computer’s data to magnetic tape, and are great for archiving sequential records.

As you can see, you have a lot of choices when it comes to creating data backups for your computer. You really have no reason not to backup your data, considering all the options, so choose a method that’s best for you and backup your data today!

About the Author: Fidel Alphonso is a computer repair specialist. He uses the Zetta enterprise backup solution to ensure he does not lose his files or those of his clients while he is working.