5 Luxury Gadgets The People On The Other Side Of The Fence Enjoy

Have you ever wondered how the other half live? We usually have our treadmill and electric scooter sitting in the garage. Wealthy people have garages a lot bigger than ours and that means they get to keep some marvelous gadgets inside. The only way we’re going to afford these things is if we win the lottery. But it’s always nice to window-shop. You never know what might happen if we keep buying our tickets. Have a good look at these beauties and keep your tongue in your mouth.

Interactive Personal Trainer System

There’s a reason why you don’t see much sports cars outside your average gym. Why would someone need to leave the house when they can have the best fitness equipment money can buy? You don’t even need a personal trainer because this multi-gym does everything for you. It has a 17-inch touch-screen monitor and it will go onto the Internet and download workouts for you. Every exercise is demonstrated and you just need to follow along to get the perfect body.

Two-person hovercraft

Why keep a car in the garage when you can buy your own hovercraft? It costs about 20 grand and works equally as well over land or water. If you really push it as far as it will go you can reach speeds of 60 miles per hour. It’s even better if your garden is the size of a small city with your own lake inside. It’s pretty safe to assume you wouldn’t get far if you decided to take it on a little trip down the freeway.


It’s nice to be able to nip into the garage to play on an arcade machine. It’s even better if it can store a 5 gallon keg in its belly. There’s enough beer there to invite everyone around for a small party. The machine comes with all your classic arcade games built-in. The LCD screen is 24 inches and the sound system is loud enough to blow your socks clean off.

Obscure CueLight

If you love a game of pool and you have a spare few hundred grand to throw away then this is your ultimate toy. Lots of us keep pool tables in the garage, but this table perhaps takes it to the next level. When the balls are moving around the table lights up like a Christmas tree and images and animations come out from underneath the balls as they move around the table.

A flying car

If you thought the hovercraft was sweet then you haven’t seen nothing yet. How would you like a street legal car that magically transforms into an airplane in less than 1 minute? It’s been built by some smart students at MIT and it can be yours for only $350,000. It can drive around at nearly 70 miles per hour and when it takes to the sky you can float through the air at speeds approaching 120 miles per hour. Just drive it out of the garage and straight to the airfield, which for the people who can afford this will be in their garden.

The article is written by tech expert Paul Simpson, who loves to share his home improvement knowledge through guest posting. For the best garage door repairs in Australia, he recommends readers to visit Gryphon Garage Doors.