5 Little Known Computer Tricks You Need to Know

Most of us use a computer on a day-to-day basis, whether it’s for a 9-to-5 workday or to check Facebook into the wee hours of the night. As a regular computer user, you may think that you have mastered the basics of your PC, but it’s time to think again…
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Here are five important tricks to remember to enhance your experience each and every time that you use your PC:

  1. Lay off the double clicking. If you’re familiar with Windows, double-clicking is the best way to open an icon. But double-clicking should not be used to open links in a web browser or to complete almost any other task on your PC. If you have a diehard double-click reflex, you may accidentally submit an online form twice or miss some critical information when using software on your computer. The moral of the story? Train yourself to single click, unless absolutely necessary.
  2. Watch out for viruses in Microsoft Office Documents. If you use Microsoft Office regularly at home or at work, you most likely take advantage of a number of built-in apps that help to automate more complicated tasks in the program. However, these very same apps may contain harmful viruses designed by savvy coders that will detrimentally affect any work you have completed and saved in Office.
  3. Don’t cry over spilled milk. If you happen to spill a drink into your laptop, it’s understandable that panic may start to set in. But the first course of action to circumvent any issues and protect your data is to unplug the power cord and pull the battery out of your laptop instead of waiting for Windows to power down. After that, detach any other connections and tilt your laptop so that you can drain out the spilled liquid carefully. If you’re dealing with a big spill, it’s best to take your laptop to a professional after managing the mess.
  4. Pay attention to error messages. When your computer crashes, it’s important to pay attention to any error messages that display by writing down the letters and numbers exactly. You may also want to take a screenshot with your phone so that you can provide the information to tech support and correct the issue right away.
  5. Out with the old, in with the new. If you download and install new Internet apps regularly, it’s important to “clean house” and remove old apps from your PC. This can be done under the control panel entitled Programs and Features by clicking Uninstall to remove any apps that you no longer use. The more that you can clean off of your computer, the less likely that you are to have any unforeseen issues arise.