5 Hidden Features of Windows 8

In my opinion there are two main parts of Windows 8 – one is the desktop that looks almost like the one we had in Windows 7 and the second part is metro styled dancing start menu which actually makes it most different from rest of the old versions. I switched to Windows 8 a couple of months ago and believe me it was real tough to play with it for first few weeks but now it feels as good as Windows 7, in fact more smooth, quick and easy to operate. There are plenty of new shortcuts, options and tricks built right into Windows 8 which makes it real quick to operate. Still you think that you know all of them? Let’s see because over the entire course of this article we’ll be revealing few hidden features of Windows 8 Operating system, read on to know them.

The Secret Start Menu


As you know that the traditional start menu is no more the part of Windows 8 operating system since it is replaced by the new-metro styled start menu, so here’s a quick tip- Use the shortcut “Windows+X” to reveal the secret start menu that provides you the shortcuts to most common features of Windows 8.

Built-in screenshot Capturing feature


Another feature that I want to mention here is the screen capturing in Windows 8. Whenever we press “Windows+print screen”, Windows automatically saves the screen shot with a nice quick animation. The screen shot is saved in Picture Library under the screenshot folder.

Snapping the Metro apps along with Windows apps


Windows 8 allows you to snap two apps side by side. Now that’s also possible with Windows 7 but unlike Windows 7, Windows 8 allows you to dock a metro application along with Windows apps either on right screen portion or left screen portion. For example you can browse your Facebook feed while watching a movie without switching from one window to another.

Sync your settings


In Windows 8 you can even sync your PC settings with any other system; you just have to sign in with a Microsoft account. Once signed, all your settings will be saved online and synced with all the system signed in with same ID. You can also choose what to synchronize and what not to.

Inbuilt ISO support


Windows 8 also have inbuilt ISO image support, you just have to double click a valid .ISO image and Windows will automatically create a virtual drive and mount the .ISO image there. You can then explore its content and use it like a regular disk.

We know there are still lots of hidden features in Windows 8, but at the moment I can recall only five of them. Well if you know some more excellent hidden features of Windows 8, feel free to share them with us through comment box below.

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