Top 5 Free File Recovery Software

The computer is a versatile device which used to store data in the form of files. We save thousands of files on the PC and if the system crashes or if you accidentally deleted some important files, then it would be better if you have a commendable tool to recover all the files. As the technology has not an enriched one in the earlier days, people suffered a lot with this excruciating circumstance.

But now the technology has improved and file recovery software programs are available to handle this painful situation by restoring all the data from the hard drive. The data recovery market is competitive nowadays and there are many file recovery software programs available, let’s check the best 5 file recovering software in detail in this post.


EaseUs is a powerful data recovery software which can be used to restore the scrapped files in any type of data loss problems like hard drive damage, software crash, emptied files from Recycle bin, virus attacks, corruption of SD card or memory card and accidental file deletion. It is read only, cost-effective data recovery software used by anyone without any prior knowledge.

Most people are comfortable with its user interface as it is organized similar to Windows explorer. This software supports Windows 7, 8, Vista and XP and devices like SD & memory card, USB & external HDD, Zip drive, IPod and so on. It is a safe multi language supported software and easy to use.

Glary Undelete:

Glary Undelete is the best free file recovery software used to recover the files that had been deleted by the crashes, viruses, and bugs. It can also restore the lost images from Compactflash, Multimedia and SD cards. It supports all types of Windows operating system and it contains advanced filters to search by date and size. It works on hard drives, flash drives, memory cards and floppy disks. Here, the recovering process is quick and easy as it is simple to install and download.

Having the logical “folders” and “file types” to recuperate the lost file is the main advantage in Galary Undelete software but not having the portable version is its major disadvantage.


Pandora is exceptional file recovery software which is comfortable to get the lost files. Even though its surface looks cluttered and complicated, it is a versatile software with “Suface scan” method to reinstate the files from formatted drives. This also supports all types of files in most versions of Windows and comes with advanced filtering options. It contains color coded and percentage indicators along with a widget to guide the users and so the recoveringfiles ishonestly simple in Pandora.

No portable version and compulsion of installing browser toolbar are the downsides of Pandora file recovery software.

Puran Utilities:

Puran Utilities contains simple interface to recover the deleted/lost files from the formatted disks. It is compatible with most of the Windows operating system and supports FAT and NTFS. It does not require any installation and has a variety of advanced options. It has Deep scan option which is unseen in other file recovery software and it perceptively offers the list of deleted files at great speed.

Listing the files with its condition like excellent, good or poor is a good feature which indicates the potential of successful recovery. Maintenance is not fully automatic is the main problem in Puran Utilities file recovery software.


Recuva is user-friendly file recovering software which can be effectively used bring back the missing/lost files from USB or hard disk. This free software program holds easy interface and it too supports all types of Windows operating system. The wizard available here is handy and it allows the users to search in different places with various options both manually and automatically. It uses the light system to indicate the probability of recovering files and it also contains some secured files to handle the lost data safely.

Availability of portable version for free is the biggest advantage in Recuva file recovery software.


Data corruption, crashing of files and the accidental file deletion are the possible ways to lose the valuable data. It seems a problematic situation, if the deleted files belong to your office or any other important exertion. But the file recovery programs solve these issues by restoring the lost files back with minimum effort.

I suggest you to try any of these file recovery software to handle the agonizing condition of vanished file. What you think about these adaptable file recovery software? Share your views and experience through comments.

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