5 Great Apps To Help You Access Your Creative Side

iphone creative appsSometimes we all need a little help getting in the creative zone or accessing that part of our brain where all the ideas hide away, and this only natural. Some people will put on some inspirational music to help them focus, whilst others will go for a run or do another form of exercise; whatever it takes to get those juices flowing.

For some people, technology may hold the key to opening that door into the creative part of their mind, and with so much of it around these days, there are plenty of helpful options to choose from. Here are five interesting apps that could help out any creative types in search of insight.

Trello –

Brainstorming is a vital part of any creative process and has been a key tactic for businesses for many years when working on group projects. It’s vital that this stage of the process allows for people to freely voice their ideas without criticism and then the group can help to develop them into a fully-fledged plan of action.

Trello is a great IPhone app which can be downloaded for free will help you and your colleagues, or friends, to piece together collaborative projects. You can record ideas in private and organise them within your online collage, before inviting others to view and comment on them. It’s brainstorming for the 21st century.

OFlow –

This app is a must have for anyone who has ever experienced writers block or gotten stuck on any other creative project. It only costs 69p in the app store and will provide you with hundreds of different creative insights and titbits to get you back on the road to creativity.

WriteRoom –

WriteRoom elevates note taking apps to the next level. You never know when a great idea is going to hit you and unless you record it straight away, it could be gone as quickly as it arrives. There are lots of different note apps out there that allow you to quickly store any fleeting glimpses of creativity that may pop into your mind, but this one takes things further. You can sync your documents with the WriteRoom website which allows you to access them even when your phone is dead.

SyncSpace –

This particular app does a similar thing to Trello, but this time with pictures. It allows you to create drawings and other designs and then let your friends in on the action too, so that you can perform a collaborative activity. Whether you are doing a school project together, or designing an innovative new form of product packaging with your business colleagues, SyncSpace can really help the creative process occur smoothly within a group.

Pocket –

Pocket is the app that every internet explorer needs on their phone. There is so much inspirational to be found by just jumping from webpage to webpage, but sometimes we don’t always have the time to fully absorb something we have come across. If you want to save anything to read later, come back to something interesting to look at it again, or store something so that you can show others, then all you need to do is put it in your Pocket. You can even access the sites you’ve saved without an internet connection. The app is free and available on IOS and Android.

If you want to learn more about how to harness your creativity and what the best conditions are for your own creative juices to flow, then why not take a creativity training course, such as this. Whether you are looking to enhance your innovation for business or personal reasons, these training days offer a really interesting viewpoint.

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By Chris Mayhew

Chris Mayhew works for a creative marketing agency, has a creative writing degree and relies on many different apps to help him stay inspired. He would recommend creativity training courses from Now Go Create to anyone looking to enhance their creative skills.