5 Cool Ways to Customize Windows 7

Windows 7 is probably the most refined and stable version of this constantly evolving operating system, but there are still many ways to make your computer more personal. We will focus on the common desktop customization, to create a better, smarter and comfortable computing environment for us. Let’s do it.

Setup Themes or make your own

The easiest way to get to the Personalization Windows is to right-click in a blank area of the desktop and click Personalization. You’ll see a personalization window open. At this point you can change desktop icons, change your mouse pointers, change your account picture. There are different kinds of options to make your Windows 7 device your own.

To change themes, hover over the themes in the personalization window and select one of your favorites. If you don’t exactly like a theme, that’s okay. If you want to do everything piece-by-piece, you can do that too. Just underneath the window where you can pick a theme, there are options for desktop background, window color, sounds and screensaver.

Change Font Size and Icon Size

If you are visually challenged, you may want to enlarge your PC’s default size for fonts and icons.

1. Right-click on a blank area of the desktop, click Personalization.

2. Then click Display in the lower left corner.

3. Select “Choose a New Font Size.” The default setting is “Smaller.” Choose “Medium” or “Larger” and then click “Apply.”

4. Log off your computer system to make the new font size take effect. Log in to your computer again, and the font size will be instantly larger.

Change the Position of the Taskbar

Right-click on an empty space of the taskbar and choose “Properties.” The “Taskbar and Start Menu Properties” window appears. Click the “Taskbar location on screen:” drop-down menu and choose the location. The taskbar can be placed on the bottom, left, right or top of the screen. Click “OK”. The taskbar is placed in the location you have chosen.

Here are some more Window Seven Tips in this video tutorial. This video was made when Windows Seven was first released but has some great tips that you might enjoy.

Add Gadgets to your Desktop

Gadgets in Windows 7 allow you to add customizable information on your desktop, such as weather, news, CPU performance and a lot more.

To add a gadget:

1. Right-click on the desktop and choose “Gadgets

2. Drag a gadget or double-click a gadget to add it to your desktop.

3. Click “Get more gadgets online” to search for more gadgets to download.

Turn Windows Features On or Off

This is one my favorite Windows Seven Tips. Windows features include Internet Explorer, Windows Media Center, built-in games, Internet Information Services and various networking clients. You can turn these features on and off at any time with a few simple steps.

1. Log on to Windows as an administrator.

2. Click “Start,” type “Turn Windows features on or off” in the search box and press “Enter.”

3. Click the “+” beside a folder of features to view features included in that folder.

4. Click the box beside a feature to turn the feature on. Clear the box beside a feature to turn it off.

5. Click “OK” to turn the selected Windows feature on or off.