5 Apps Your Android Phone Needs Right Now

5 Apps your Android needs right now is more than just a question, it’s a matter of using the Android platform to its fullest extent. There are so many apps out there that a person can download, it can be almost impossible to make a choice as to which apps are the best to download. The following list is designed to help you get the best apps that are available right now.

These apps were chosen because they are the ones that seem to be the most likely to help improve someone’s life in some way. These apps will aid in time management, help keep your life better organized, and more. While there are many apps for Androids out there that really do deserve full consideration, the five that are listed below probably have the most to offer almost anyone who uses them.

Google Now

Everyone’s life would be easier if we could predict the future and that is exactly what Google Now tries to do for you. In essence Google Now tries to be a personal assistant app that predicts your needs ahead of time. Once you have downloaded and installed Google Now this app will keep track of your movements and actions and provide cards on the screen of your phone with information relevant to the location.

For example if you are shopping and there is an online advertisement for a sale near you, Google Now will flash a card alerting you of the store, the location, and information about the sale. The great thing about Google Now is that its database is being updated daily as well as being given new functionality by open source programmers making this an app that will continue to be useful for a very long time.


If you have ever been traveling and found yourself bored out of your mind and wishing  you could access your DVR in some way, then SlingPlayer is the Android app for you. The basic idea of this app is that you buy the Slingbox device then install the SlingPlayer app on your Android phone. Then when you are far away from home it will actually allow you to watch not only television on your phone but access your DVR as well.

For people who hate to miss the latest episode of their television show this is one hell of a feature. The one drawback to SlingPlayer is that it does cost a couple hundred dollars to buy the Slingbox device and of course if you are somewhere without a wi-fi connection you can’t use the app. However, while it does cost money, what it does for you will make setting Sling Player up well worth the money.


Flipboard is an app that is designed for social media and news junkies. This app combs though all your favorite news sites and then delivers you pages worth of articles that you might find interesting. Not only does Flipboard provide you with a steady stream of news and information  it also can be linked to your FaceBook and Twitter accounts and keep you abreast of what everyone in your online universe is up to.

The one drawback to Flipboard is that sometimes it can give you so many things to look through that you will waste a lot of time trying to get rid of what it wants to show you instead of reading about things that catch your interest.


While the keyboard that comes with Android is somewhat usable if you happen to have been born with an incredible amount of manual dexterity, the fact is that for most of us its actually hard to use. This is where SwiftKey helps to make our lives easier. Basically SwiftKey is really just another kind of UI for the Android but takes into account that not everyone can use super tiny little keys.

SwiftKey not only gives you a much easier keyboard to use by using slightly larger letters and a much easier to hit space bar, but also has some of the best spelling correction of any software out there. Sure we may not always have a use to spell antidisestablishmentarianism, but it sure helps to know we have spelled it right when we do.

WhatsApp Messenger

There is no doubt that for the most part SMS messaging has us all bent over the proverbial barrel. While there is no question as to the usefulness of text messaging it’s also a fact that it can be very expensive. If you are tired of paying for text messaging or you are tired of paying for your kids’ text messaging then you will love WhatsApp messenger.

The idea behind WhatsApp messenger is that you can text anyone else who has this app on their phone for absolutely no charge. Even if someone doesn’t use WhatsApp you can still communicate with them via text message if they have a smart phone as well. Of course this is an app that is dependent on becoming popular in order to be as good as it could be, but current signs are pointing in that direction and SMS may soon be a thing of the past.

So there you have it, 5 Apps that your Android needs now. These apps will do a lot to enhance your life and help make your smart phone an even better device than it already is. Sure this article didn’t cover every single great app out there, and there are probably some glaring omissions, but these five apps are more than likely going to improve your life in some way.

If you don’t like these apps that’s fine, you don’t have to use them but chances are that if you give any one of these a shot you will find yourself asking why you hadn’t downloaded them before. If nothing else this list of apps will hopefully get you thinking about what kind of apps you want on your Android and get you looking into all the great apps that are out there at this very moment.

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This post was written by James Adams who writes for One Click Root.