4 Great Windows 8 Features That Will Improve Your Website


I bet you didn’t think it was possible to use an operating system to improve your website. Luckily Windows 8 came along and it’s now easy to do. If you’re a webmaster looking to take your site to the next level we can look at a few cool Windows 8 tricks you can use.

Flip-ahead browsing in IE


Don’t get too excited if your readers have the windows version of Internet Explorer 10, but if they have the app version they can use a lovely feature called flip-ahead browsing. If your readers want to experience your website in a unique way they can look through it like they’re reading a magazine.

They just need to hit the forward button and they will end up on the next page. They will find this feature really handy if you’re the kind of person who writes long articles that spread out over multiple pages. It’s also great if you have a blog too because it will allow your readers to save time, which means they might spend longer on your site.

Customized start screen tile


You always want to do everything possible to make sure people can find your site in the easiest possible way. If someone is using Internet Explorer they can easily pin your website to their Windows Smart Screen. It will then automatically create a tile for your website that shows up in their Windows screen and they will be able to click it to reach your site.

If you want people to be more enticed to visit your site it helps if you have a customized tile. The first thing you need is a favicon Windows will then automatically extract the background color from your favicon to use in your tile. It also takes the name of your site from your website’s HTML title tag.

Change site sharing details

Once again we’re going to take a look at another feature you can take advantage of when people are using the Internet Explorer 10 app. Once someone brings up the Charm bar they will be able to share your site in a number of different ways including email. It’s easy to build a business when people promote your site, but there could be something wrong.

Whenever you’re dealing with things like this it’s vital you use the right copy otherwise the conversion rate of people who click their friend’s link won’t be as high. At the moment your site details will be stripped from the title and description tags, but you can use the Microsoft site to find out how to customize the information other people receive.

Create Jump Lists

Hopefully you’ve used Windows 7 in the past because you’ll know what Jump Lists are, but don’t worry if you’ve not as we’ll touch on them right now. As a website owner you can create a Jump List which includes links to the best articles on your site. You can even include an RSS feed in case people want to get access to the newest blog updates.

You just need to hope your readers take advantage of your jump lists to come to your site. They will only use them if they benefit from the links you provide, so think long and hard about which ones to use. The good news is that you can make them more attractive by including things like your Twitter feed.

Every little bit helps!

Maybe these little tips won’t turn your website into a roaring success, but they will definitely help and even a little goes a long away. They will only take a few minutes to set up so it’s not worth your while ignoring them.

The author of this post, Jenny Wadlow, is a freelance blogger.