4 Free Ways to Speed up your Internet Connection

 Free PC Matic ScanInternet connections are becoming advanced these days. During the first few years of this technology, users had to be satisfied with dragging speeds that dial-up connections have to offer. But these days we have broadband connections in different types, allowing users to choose which broadband will suit their needs.

However, since broadband connections are amazingly fast today, some subscribers do not even notice that their connection is no longer at its optimum. Sometimes, the broadband connection is still able to give convenience with its decent connection, subscribers don’t even think of taking certain measures to speed up their connection.

To keep the internet connection in good shape, subscribers should always take steps in keeping up its optimum speed. Also, some subscribers may notice some abnormalities in their connection speed and if this happen, they should figure out immediately how to fix this.

Fortunately, there are ways to improve the subscriber’s connection speed. Doing these are easy and most of all, without any additional cost. Here are 4 free ways to speed up internet connection:

1. Examine your PC or laptop and perform some maintenance measures

In a lot of circumstances, internet connection speed depends on the computer’s condition. The computer’s memory may be full and in this case, old and unnecessary files should be deleted. Viruses can also affect the speed significantly and it is ideal to run a virus scan on a regular basis.

Another measure that can be done within the computer is to use fast browsers. The best choices these days are Chrome or Firefox. These browsers can be downloaded for free and are easy and fast to install.

On the other hand, the computer itself may already be the problem. If the computer’s outdated system cannot handle the fast internet connection, getting a plan with the fastest speed will not do any good. In this case, it would be best to get a computer of recent model.

2. Be sure to have a WEP password in effect

Most broadband connections with WiFi slow down when more devices are hooked up. For this reason, subscribers should always set up a WEP password to avoid unauthorised access. This way, only the few family members or other authorised people can connect to the broadband internet.

3. Change the router settings

Each router comes with a manual and it would be best to refer to this for specific instructions in enhancing the router’s performance. Subscribers may also try resetting the router to see if any improvement in the connection speed might happen.

4. Switch to another broadband provider

If the first three steps did not work, chances are great that the current provider is not capable of giving the best service in the area. The next step to take is to switch to a provider who is available in the area. However, internet users should do some research before doing this. They can check out different provider’s website or better yet, use the BroadbandExpert.com comparison tool to find the lowest rate available for broadband in the area.

Final Words

Broadband internet connections are indeed, advanced these days but it does not mean that they are free from glitches. Sometimes, doing some maintenance measures can make a lot of difference but in some cases, changing providers is the only solution. Nonetheless, subscribers should always be wary to make sure that they are getting the optimum connection speed and worth for their money.

About the author:

Kristine M. has written several articles about high speed internet, business broadband and mobile broadband. Readers can also find her contributions in several technology websites.