4 Easy Ways To Waste Your Time And Still Be Bombarded With Junk Mail Every Day

A few companies absolutely hate you, and they hate the environment just as much. They don’t care about how you feel. They definitely don’t care about how many trees are getting chopped down and that the rainforests are being destroyed. All they care about is making money. It’s Ok that companies want to make money, but not when they make it by filling your mailbox with thousands of unwanted pieces of junk mail. I bet you hate it. Everyone does. It makes our blood boil when we open the mailbox and it’s filled to the top with pointless junk that’s going straight in the garbage.

After a while you are so fed up with it you might decide to put an end to it. People have tried and failed. It’s not easy to keep your mailbox free from junk mail. There are certain things you can do that will help, but there’s plenty you can do that won’t. You might think you will be putting a stop to it, but sadly you will just be wasting your time. You will still get junk mail and the environment will continue to be destroyed. I don’t want you to waste your time, so we’re going to go over a few things you shouldn’t even bother doing.

Don’t buy anything on the Internet

The Internet is amazing because it lets us buy anything and have it delivered to our door in a matter of days. Soon you will probably see next day delivery. So it’s obvious that no everyone will be prepared to stop buying stuff on the Internet. Those people are the lucky ones. Even if you stop spending any money online there will still be ways for people to get your information. I’m pretty sure you received junk mail before the Internet was even invented, so refusing to buy anything online will just be shooting yourself in the foot.

Play games with your enemy

Lots of companies that send out junk mail will usually include a pre-paid envelope so you can send back your completed forms. The ides is that you will be more inclined to do it since you don’t have to pay for postage. That’s why people get the idea to send back everything and give them a taste of their own medicine. Unfortunately it doesn’t work like that. Can you imagine the amount of people that have the same idea? But the companies still bombard you with junk. The department that deals with return envelopes has nothing to do with sending you anything and they’ll never know.

Tell the company you want off

This will definitely work, some of the time. But you are left with the huge mission of phoning up each company individually and asking to be taken off their list. That’s going to waste hours of your free time and cost you money on telephone calls. They will just pass your information along to the next company and you will once again send you hundreds of junk mail. It’s a never ending battle and one you will never win. There’s some great ways to get off mailing lists, but calling individual companies is definitely one of the worst ways to do it.

Opt-out of every email list you’re on

Your email inbox will probably be attacked by dozens of spammers on a daily basis. This won’t result in wasted paper, but you can be sure they have more information than your email. Maybe if you were to opt-out of their lists you would stop them from doing anything with your address? It’s the same as the example above. They’ll just find someone else to pass your information onto, and if they got your information deceitfully they won’t even care what you want.

Daniel Acton has previously studied Global Environmental Justice and is currently a professional Green and Tech Blogger. He recommends comparing franking machine quotes from www.frankingmachine.net. You can follow him on twitter @dannyacton.