3 Windows Programs that Enhance Education

Why empty your savings account for a Mac when you can simply upgrade your Windows programs for an enhanced experience at a fraction of the price? As a method for keeping up with the competition, Windows has been producing some pretty outstanding features lately, many of which are especially useful for educational purposes. Whether you’re taking IT classes or just want to enhance the convenience and quality of your work for English courses, the latest technological developments Windows has undergone will help you succeed in school without the assistance of a Mac. To help you get started, consider the following top three enhanced Windows features you can be using to improve your education.

1. Stay Organized with My Bar

Students tend to use several different apps to help them stay organized and fully prepared for all of their academic obligations. An ironic effect of this is that students have so many apps that they can’t even keep them all organized. A new app may seem like an unlikely solution to this problem, but My Bar by Windows offers excellent organization and easy access of the top six apps students use most. With this helpful app, students can prioritize all of the apps they use for school by displaying them on the upper bar of their screens to make it easier to remember and access for school.

2. Input Written Notes Quicker and More Accurately

One of the greatest advantages of Windows 7 is its handwriting recognition feature, which allows users to transfer written notes to their computers. With this technologically advanced feature, you can compose entire custom dictionaries to improve the ability of the software to register your notes. This includes all types of writing, including math expressions and additional languages. Touch-screen monitors make it even easier by allowing users to write directly on the screen without any transferring necessary. Simply use your fingertips to navigate, resize, scroll and explore the web as you please.

3. Improve Productivity with Enhanced Power

A step up from earlier versions, Windows 7 operates at a quicker speed when turning your computer on, shutting it off, and resuming a previous session. This feature allows you to stay productive with your schoolwork instead of waiting around. Advanced power-saving features gives users an extended battery life for mobile devices, which lets you travel from campus to the coffee shop without constantly worrying about your charge levels. Students can even share documents, printers and other devices whether your organization has a server or not.

These days, having a well-functioning computer is an absolute essential for ensuring a productive educational experience. In fact, many institutions require students to take at least one online course, which makes speed and organization-enhancing features on your computer especially crucial for a successful outcome. Despite the unaccounted for popularity of Macs, it’s clear that Windows 7 provides equal benefit for students, if not an even more beneficial user experience.