3 Ways to Save Money on Printer Ink Cartridges

Brand name printer ink cartridges are expensive and require frequent replacements. A great way to save on office expenses is to change the type of cartridges that you use. Fortunately, there are several alternatives available. You can purchase compatible cartridges instead of brand name ones. Compatible cartridges come in two types, they can be aftermarket or remanufactured. Rather than buying new printer cartridges, you can also refill your old ones.

Refilling your ink cartridges is exactly what it sounds like. You take your old empty cartridge to a store that offers refills and, they simply refill it with toner. Some companies will even collect your cartridges and refill them for you. This is a good, cheap option for replacing printer ink cartridges as most cartridges are made to be durable and can be used more than once.

A typical new cartridge can be reused from three to seven times (on average). The only drawback is that some of the smaller parts within the cartridge, such as the ink nozzle or the fuse, may not last this long and will need to be replaced by a professional. This is where remanufactured compatible cartridges fill the void.

A remanufactured ink cartridge is sold as an alternative to a brand new cartridge. They are made by a remanufacturing company, which collects spent cartridges en masse and refills them. Any parts that are worn or broken are replaced, and the cartridges are tested to ensure they are working properly.

A remanufactured cartridge usually offers the best value for your money, as they are less hassle than refilling cartridges manually and they contain most of the quality parts of an original, brand-name cartridge. Original cartridges are made to a high standard; after all, they reflect the reputation of the company just as much as the printer does. By using original parts, a remanufactured cartridge will often be more reliable than an aftermarket compatible cartridge, but will still be cheaper than a brand new original cartridge.

Finally, we have the aftermarket compatible cartridge. An aftermarket compatible cartridge is a completely new printer cartridge that has been made by an independent company. These types of cartridges are more or less copies of the original printer cartridges. They are made from scratch but can be much cheaper to produce.

Whatever your use, the quality of an aftermarket compatible cartridge is more than enough.  They can be a great option to save on office expenses. Whether you are using a remanufactured compatible cartridge or an aftermarket compatible cartridge, you will be hard-pressed to tell the difference from an original printer cartridge.

Whichever option you decide on, you are bound to save money. With original printer ink cartridges, you are often paying more for the brand name, while compatible cartridges and refills will give you the same quality at a more affordable price.

Brooke is a blogger and writer in the technology industry, and often writes for 4inkjets.com, a leading source of remanufactured and compatible printer ink cartridges.