3 Usenet Facts You Need to Know

These days, technology is changing at a rapid pace. It seems like Apple is releasing a new version of the iPhone every 6 weeks or so. And that new computer you just bought will be obsolete by the time you get it home.
Usenet is no different. The technology that started as a way to share “news” has developed in to a modern data moving powerhouse.
Here are 3 facts you need to know about Usenet.

1. Usenet was the original social network.

No, MySpace was not the first social network. Take that Tom.
You might be surprised to hear the first social network was started over 32 years ago by a different Tom.
Tom Truscott and Jim Ellis termed the technology Usenet. It was a computer network where university students could converse about “news”. It functioned much like an internet forum.
Discussions in the “newsgroups” ranged from all sorts of topics. It was where the world first went online to share ideas.
The World Wide Web and Linux were even first introduced to the public on Usenet. It was the place to share news among your peers.

2. Usenet is NOT dead.

Contrary to what many think, Usenet did not go away.
When the World Wide Web emerged as the place people went to share ideas, many began declaring the end of Usenet.
Like any great champion, Usenet has had to reinvent itself as it has gotten older.
While many discussions have moved to the Web, there are still many others that remain alive and well on Usenet.
And major technology companies like Mozilla still continue to use Usenet to design, develop and distribute their products.
Likewise, while Usenet use to be provided for free by Universities and Internet Service Providers, it is now almost exclusively offered by private providers.

3. Usenet is better than ever

Now that Usenet is hosted on a network of higher quality servers and monitored by premium providers, its backbone is stronger than ever.
This increased strength has allowed providers now offer benefits that were unthinkable just a few short years ago.
The very best Usenet services offer their users:
• All-In-One Access – An easy solution that allows you to quickly access the servers and download anything you want.
• Long Retention Times – All the best providers now store their content for at least 1,000 days or more.
• Uncapped Speeds – No limit to how fast you can download.
• Unlimited Downloads – No limit on how much you can download.
While it may no longer be the King, Usenet is still standing tall after more than 30 years.
Once the leader of the pack in social media, Usenet has transformed its role and became a more powerful mover of information (more than 9 Terabytes each day). Check it out. You’ll be surprised what you find.

This article was written by Jared Scott an Internet enthusiast and Usenet fanatic. He is the Manager of Public Outreach for Binverse where he spends his time letting the world know the benefits of Usenet.