3 Useful Ways to Recover Data after Hard Drive Crash

Hard drive crashes can cause panic and within a second all your precious data could be in heaven. They can range in scope of few deleted files to whole things on your computer. Several tools are available through either online or offline that could satisfy your data recovery needs. I will show you the easy steps to recover crashed hard drive data crash using data recovery software.

The first and most basic steps to follow in data loss situations is to ensure that no more data is written to the drive, otherwise all data will be wiped completely and no ways out will left to recover data. We strongly recommend to not get messed up with any of the aforementioned steps to avoid making situation more worse.

#1 Get a new hard drive:
Whenever, crash happens with the hard drive, it means you can no longer access the data from it but it’s possible through other means such as a brand new hard drive. Using hard drive after crash or applying other useless methods on it rather than stop using it, will risk more data loss. You shoud stick with the new hard drive to stave off further disaster.

#2 Configure drives as ‘Master’ and ‘Slave’:
After successfully installing your new hard drive and reloading operating system onto it, configure the problem hard drive as a ‘Slave’. Doing this will enable you to run the system from new hard drive, but still gives you access to use the old one. In this way, you can find the exact cause behind the hard drive crash and should perform some troubleshooting steps to fix it. In some cases, serious damaged hard drive will prevents you to perform any extra operation on it. So, you have to move for step #3 in that case.

#3 Perform Data Recovery Operation:
Let’s try your luck because if the data from the crashed hard drive has gone too far or become completely non recoverable, you will have to start over building it again. After  completing aforementioned steps, You should switch to download the 2012 best data recovery software, which will efficiently scans the drive and recover data as much as possible.

Grim data loss situations will surely make you panic and confused, but attempting to recover your data is always worthwile. However, your luck with these steps will depend on the severity of data loss. I strongly recommend to take help from data recovery professionals, if you were not sure of your abilities.

About The Author:
Abhay is a software enthusiasts and love to write article on Windows software, gadgets and tools. Currently he is working with data recovery firm named Stellar Data Recovery and writing articles like above in between.