3 Helpful Tips for Choosing Your First Tablet

If you have been thinking about picking up a new computer lately, chances are you’ve considered buying a tablet. Tablets are set to outsell laptops within the very near future and with their combination of portability and excellent battery life tablets offer a computing experience like no other. Below, we’ll share a few tips to help you choose your first tablet.
Business, Pleasure, or Both?
Before setting out to purchase a tablet, give some consideration to how it’s going to be used. Will you strictly use the tablet for business purposes, emailing and surfing the web? Or do you want a tablet that will allow for playing games, watching TV and movies and other forms of entertainment? Do you want a tablet that has the best battery life as you travel frequently, or are you fine with sacrificing battery life to get a larger screen or other features? Answering as many questions as you can about how you will use your new tablet will go a long way in helping to choose the tablet that is right for you.
Selecting your Operating Environment
The major decision that needs to be made is whether or not you want to join the legions of faithful Apple users and purchase an iPad or if you would rather have the flexibility of one of the many Android models. Choosing between these and other competitors like the BlackBerry PlayBook comes down to personal preference, and most new users purchase the device that pairs up well with their mobile phone, home computers and other devices. In general, beginners fare well with the Apple iPad while more tech-savvy users tend to prefer Android tablets.
Consider Features, Size and Appearance
Finally, give some thought to the size, looks and features that you desire in a tablet. While some users prefer the new iPad’s incredible Retina Display, others will be happy with a smaller 7-inch tablet that can fit in a purse or small bag. The best way to choose is to head to an electronics retailer to try out different makes and models of tablet to see which one you prefer and which fits your style.

Once you have all of what you “need” in a tablet figured out, you can do a bit of shopping around and look for a tablet that fits your budget. If you choose to go with Apple’s iPad or a high-end Android tablet but find it’s a bit too costly, consider picking up a refurbished model to save a few dollars. Regardless of what tablet platform you choose, welcome to the future of computing. Enjoy!

John is a contributing technology writer for N2A Cards. Learn how to turn your Nook Color into an Android tablet.