Six Cool Windows 7 Gadgets

People hardly liked the Windows Sidebar while using Windows Vista. Many of the users called it as a cheap rip off of Mac’s Dashboard having an overall less functionality. In response to this, Microsoft polished up this very concept and launched a proper gadgets platform in Windows 7. These gadgets in Windows 7 are considered to be very useful thing. Ironically, many of the users overlook the useful features of these Windows 7 gadgets and count on the Google Desktop platform. However, when you compare Windows 7 Gadgets with Google Desktop platforms, the former seems to be smoother in functioning. Let’s look at the cool Windows 7 gadgets:

Facebook Explorer: Social media has become an integral part of today’s internet users. People generally depend on them to stay connected with their friends and family. Facebook has become a next home for internet users. Hence having a Facebook gadget can help you to get the updates while you are busy with other things. Hence Facebook Explorer finds the top position in the list of cool Windows 7 gadgets.

Doppler RadLoop: This is not just the other weather tool but it is more than that. With the help of the Doppler RadLoop you get the real time radar information for your current location. This will helps you get the real picture of the current weather conditions, thus allowing you take the best decision. There are some other weather gadgets for Windows 7, but Doppler RadLoop works the best and smoothest especially when you want the real face of the current weather conditions.

Clipboard Manager: The Clipboard manager is never a feature of any version of the Windows operating system. This is considered to as an essential activity which we need in our day to day system usage. With this gadget you can access some of the old items stored in the clipboard. This gadget helps you to store 999 clips along with adding and deleting these items with a single click. The user interface found over this gadget is highly interactive and people find them pretty easy to use them.

Ultimate Explorer: Another useful gadget, which is useful to search popular websites like Google, Wikepedia, YouTube directly from your desktop. The good thing about this gadget is that it is resizable, which means that you can decide how much space it should consume over your desktop. You can also search for some other popular websites like Amazon, ebay and Digg.

App Launcher: The users of Windows 7 may find using this operating system without having App launcher over their systems. You can include all your regularly used applications in this gadget instead of using the taskbar. App launcher is easy to use, all you are supposed to do is to configure it, which can be done simply by drag and drop method using your right click.

All CPU meter: The all CPU meter is another cool Windows 7 gadget which keeps you updated with the CPU usage at any point of time. Also, you can track when your system is getting slow and can find out which application is doing so. This gadget helps you to run your system in a smooth way.

Windows 7 is gaining popularity among the users of windows all across the world for many good reasons. Among these reasons are the Windows 7 gadgets, which is an integral part of this operating system. The above discussed are few of the popular Windows 7 gadgets which are considered to be an important tool for decorating your desktops along with getting a smooth computer usage experience.

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29 thoughts on “Six Cool Windows 7 Gadgets

  1. Nice window7 small gadgets. Facebook explorer is really time save gadget. Thanks for the detail use of these gadgets. Is there any desktop gadget in window 7 to check the online internet users?

  2. Such a great collection of gadgets! Thanks for sharing them, I haven’t heard of the most of them before. I think I’m gonna give a try to the Facebook Explorer, it seems to be very useful for me.
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  3. “Many of the users called it as a cheap rip off of Mac’s Dashboard having an overall less functionality. ” Well, the whole Windows interface is a Mac rip-off.

    • Just to add, it’s all Windows dressing (pun intended).

      Without a major overhaul and streamlining of the kernel Windows 7 will only make things worse for M$. I have read all sorts of articles and blogs about how it is a much slimmed down OS from Vista, but this like many M$ assertions seems to be mostly PR with no substance.

  4. To be honest, I’m not sure if all these gadgets will be useful to me, but I do like the “All CPU Meter.” I use my computer for all sorts of things, so I would love a quick and simple way to monitor my cpu usage. I’ll definitely check this one out, thanks for the tip!


  5. These are all great tools, thanks for posting. The great thing about using a Windows computer is the level of customizability (lol is that a word?). Apple builds all their products to run a certain way, and thus Macs are extremely resistant to changes. I’m definitely going to take a look at these little gadgets, I’m sure at least one of them will be a useful addition to my PC.


  6. I love this trend in customization. I think it’s great, it really lets you personalize your experience with technology. Thanks for sharing these, I’ll definitely have to check them out!

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