Infographic: 2012 Cyber Security Research Report

cyber security infographicToday, businesses and tech-friendly individuals alike are leading lives that are more and more influenced by digitial media and internet technology. We’ve come a long way since the first desktop computer and the early days of dial-up internet – now, anything from sharing photos and stories, to holding a multi-person conference call, to researching facts and updates, to shopping for new wardrobe, to watching tv shows and movies, to playing touch-screen games, to you name it – it’s all possible in the palm of your hand on any internet capable device. But with all of this internet activity and information being sent over the web, there are some serious cyber security issues that come with such activity, and which continue to arise as the digital economy continues to grow. This infographic, 2012 Cyber Security Research Report, gives a thorough overview of what any internet user should know about cyber security, along with various facts and figures about the state of Cyber Security today.

This infographic was made by Bit9, the leader in Endpoint Security, Advanced Threat Protection, and Bit9 IP protection solutions.