2 Good Windows Phones – HTC Windows Phone 8X And Samsung ATIV S

The Windows Phone 8 platform took a long time to arrive. Microsoft is a late entrant to the smart phone market but they are starting to make some waves as their phone platform features on a number of terrific phones. Both of these phones utilize the same Windows platform, and so this comparison is really for those that are looking for Windows and want to know how these two phones stack up against each other.

HTC And Samsung History

HTC and Samsung have had varying success over recent years. HTC have been somewhat forced out of the market, having previously had a level of dominance in the Android space. With HTC losing out, they’ve moved in to the Windows arena, looking for a place to belong once more. They’re also looking at strategic entrance into the Chinese market with a cheaper handset at around £203.

Samsung have had great success through their Samsung S3 in the Galaxy series and the Note II, much loved and voted gadget of the year on many technical sites.

So how do these two phones stack up? Which should you go for if you’re looking for a Windows Phone?


It is very difficult to compare two phones on aesthetics. After all, personal choice is a major factor. They are both of similar sizes, but stylistically, are very different. The ATIV S is a more rounded and smooth phone. The Windows Phone 8X has sharper corners and is more rubbery. The Windows Phone 8X comes in a number of vibrant colors, and has more personality. The Samsung comes in a metallic look, which is nonetheless striking and attractive. I prefer the Samsung look, my mum prefers the HTC.

Neither phone is particularly premium for me. The Samsung is a little plastic and shiny for my taste, and the soft touch of the HTC backing and rubber look is not for me either.

The Displays

The Samsung comes with its superb HD Super AMOLED display with bright, vivacious colors that really look nice. The HTC Windows Phone 8X has colors that appear more realistic and the screen is certainly brighter. On the Samsung, on occasion, the white can have a blue tint, which isn’t great. In direct sunlight, the 8X performs better. Overall, I would say the Windows Phone 8X has a better display, but both are adequate.

The Conclusion

Both of these phones are good, but fall some way short of the best in the industry at the moment. The Google Nexus 4, the Droid DNA, the Samsung Galaxy S3, and the Nokia Lumia 920, are all better than these.

I would rate the Windows Phone slightly higher than ATIV S, but it really is a coin toss. The decision between these two phones should be made on which one you like the look of most. Performance is very similar, so it comes down to your preference on the design. If you’re looking for the best Windows Phone, then I would choose the Nokia Lumia 920.

Samsung and HTC will continue to battle in 2013. HTC have delivered some amazing phones in the market but seems to not have the impact that they desire. Perhaps 2013, will see a turnaround, and they’ll gain recognition that some of their phones deserve. Samsung look set to continue to prosper, even suggesting that a dual screen phone may be on its way.

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