10 Silly USB Hubs

USB hubs are one of those things where it’s important that they work and do what they are made for, but how they look doesn’t really matter. This simple fact is represented when you Google phrases like “weird USB hubs”, or “coolest USB hub”. Browsing through the image results for phrases like that will help you see that there is no shortage of silly USB hub designs out there. In an effort to use my time wisely I have compiled a list of 10 of the silliest USB hubs I could find online.

1. The Chicken Sandwich USB Hub – I think having a fake chicken sandwich on your desk would be awesome. Why would you not want a fake chicken sandwich on your desk all day? Duh?!


2. The Sad Cat USB Hub – Since the purpose of life revolves around cats (or so the internet will tell you), it only makes perfect sense to have a cat USB hub. Buy one now. Do it.


3. Cassette Tape USB Hub – What better way to pay tribute to an ancient piece of technology than to have a cassette table USB hub. I mean, c’mon, what else are we going to do with all those cassette tapes? Nowadays, everything is virtualized!


4. Mini Toaster with Toast USB Hub – This one is a no-brainer. The toaster is the perfect design so that when you shrink it down a little it already looks like a USB hub. It was only a matter of time before they made this one.


5. R2D2 USB Hub – Okay, now we’re getting somewhere. The R2D2 USB hub is one of the most beautiful pieces of equipment you will ever own. I’m pretty sure the real R2D2 had USB ports built into it so having this on your desk all day will bring you that much closer to your dreams of having a robot at your side whose language is so foul they had to beep out every word he said in the movie.


6. Darth Vader USB Hub – Now, what would the good be without the bad? You can’t have an R2D2 USB hub and not also have a Darth Vader USB hub. It just wouldn’t be right.


7. Solid Gold Bar USB Hub – What if I told you that there was a way to make everyone think that you are completely loaded, when in reality you are not? Now that I have your attention let me introduce to you the solid gold (fake) bar USB hub. One side will give your friends the impression that you are amazingly rich, while on the other side lies two secret rows of USB hub-ness.


8. Elegant Statue USB Hub – BORING! Next??


9. Pig Tits USB Hub – Okay so maybe the title of this one is a little off – but technically it’s accurate. Bring out the farmer in you with this fat pig and the accompanying piglet USB jump drives.


10. Pirate in a Barrel USB Hub – I didn’t have time to read all the things this one can do, but I do know that the swords are not USB ports. The USB ports for this on are in the back (not shown in the picture). I think it makes sounds and the pirate head pops out when you plug it in or something. If you know what it does please comment below and let us know! I’m too lazy to find out. Anyway, another silly, silly USB hub.


This amazing post was produced by none other than Martin Levinshmere, a humorous tech blogger from the great state of California. When Martin is not mocking all the new and strange technologies that are being sold on the internet he is keeping up with the latest in cloud security and virtualization technologies.