10 Reasons Why Facebook is so Popular

There are good reasons why Facebook is so popular these days. If you are an online freak then you would know that Facebook is on the rise as a social networking site. It is the best platform where you can meet good people and they would be able to tell you that Facebook is the other name of innovative interaction.

The Reasons Why Facebook is a Hit

  • Uploading innumerable photos – Each day more than fourteen million snaps are being uploaded with Facebook. It is really fun to see the comments being posted with the photos. Thus is a good way you can play wits and humors with your friends.
  • Playing games through Facebook – Facebook has really changed the concept of online interaction. You can best deal with applications like games and tests through Facebook. This is the best way you play games online on Facebook and stay tuned with the friends and associates.
  • Facebook can make you smile – In case you know that your friend is suffering inertly you can best make him smile with the help of send gift feature of Facebook. The Facebook has a virtual gift shop. You just need to add a tag line with the gift and send it directly to the fiend.
  • Getting involved with Facebook marketing – With the help of Facebook ads and applications and even through iFrame pages you can make the best use of several marketing functionalities. You can even the use of your personal brand for a prominent Facebook presence.
  • Facebook is the other name of success – Facebook is all about building trust with the audience. With the interchange of feelings and ideas you can make such quick friends and join forums. It is just like getting to know likeminded people.
  • Knowing what your friend is doing – It may be so that you have lost connection with an old friend. Facebook can help you build that long lost connection. It is just like getting the pleasure in hand. You have the tendency to spout your desires after such a long point of time.
  • Going viral through facebook – Through Facebook you can have the best sharing of your ideas and thoughts. In the process you can stay best connected to your fans and friends.
  • Conceptualize Well with Facebook – You have a new concept in mind and in order to make that concept work you need to get associated with Facebook. Instantly you can easily spread your idea to the rest of the world.
  • An open encyclopedia – Facebook is an open encyclopedia. You can know everything from this platform. Fashion, medicine, education and most importantly business – Facebook keeps an update of everything.
  • Accept criticism through Facebook – Facebook is the medium which makes you open to all criticisms. Once you come up with something new you easily know what the rest of the world has to say.

Through Facebook you get a chance to improve your performance. Facebook will tell you where you are going wrong and it will also tell you why you are so spectacular.