Free Backup for Dummies Book Offer

Whether you are brand new to data protection or a seasoned veteran, Backup for Dummies provides an in-depth look at the intricacies of data backup and tells you what you need to know to tackle the monumental task of protecting more data, in more environments, and on more devices.


WindowsTalk/WonderFox Video Converter Factory Pro Giveaway

WindowsTalk, in conjunction with WonderFox, has just kicked off a special offer to give away a gift for the back-to-school season – WonderFox Video Converter Factory Pro. Anyone who visits the event page can feel free to get a free license code till September 15th.

desktop clutter

De-clutter Your Desktop

Want to tidy up your desktop? Here are six tips on how you can get your desktop more organized and even reduce virtual clutter too.


What Are Streaming Media Players?

Streaming media players like the Roku and Apple TV Player are becoming more popular. Find out what they are, and the most important features to look for in this article.


Meet a Microsoft MVP: Patrick Barker

It is my pleasure to introduce Patrick Barker, who just received his first Microsoft MVP award (Windows Expert – Consumer) in July 2014. This represents the first time I have ever interviewed a ‘fresh’ MVP. As a young person, I was interested in his responses as one who grew up with computer technology, not typewriters, adding machines and punch cards like me!

noise hearing protection

Is Your PC Noisy?

As a PC owner, you may find your computer a little too noisy when trying to work. This can be a problem at the office or in the home. Computers are designed in a way that they use fans to eliminate the heat within the tower, this means you have more than one fan working at any given time.


Meet a Microsft MVP: J. C. Griffith

John C. Griffith is a Microsoft Windows Expert-Consumer and owner of the Sysnative support forums, which is staffed by Microsoft MVPs and other helpful technical experts, some of which have been interviewed here already.

cloud backup

Online Backup Services – The Advantages

With the increase in amount of the personal data and the confidential files stored in any particular computer, backing up of data becomes a problem, especially so for the small organization and individuals. This is not so because of the cost, but because of the absence of adequate manpower when it comes to backing up of the data. This, in addition to providing affordability, cloud storage services provide some other advantages also. The most common ones are listed below for you.

computer security

Computer Security: Are You at Risk?

The threat against your personal computer is growing. So are the dangers of computer crime against business and government information systems.


Time to Clean Your Computer

Cleaning your equipment should be a regular thing. If you do not dust your computer regularly, you risk permanent computer damage.


Wonderfox DVD Ripper Pro Giveaway

Wonderfox has asked WindowsTalk to host a time-limited giveaway campaign for them. WonderFox DVD Ripper Speedy is the freeware edition, and Wonderfox is glad to provide the Pro edition to share with people who really need it.

microsoft tablet

How to Use Surface Pro for Taking a Screenshot

However, some people find it challenging to take screen shots from their Surface pro simply because they are not familiar with the ways to do so. For several such users who are struggling with a similar issue, mentioned in this article are a few easy ways to take screenshots using your Surface pro tablet.


Fewer BSODs with Windows 8?

This content was provided by Windows MVP John D. Carrona. I asked hom if he thought there are fewer fewer BSODs (Blue Screen of Death) with Windows 8 compared to previous versions of Windows.